The acupuncture points on the back of moxibustion "activate" the whole body and blood!

Frequent moxibustion on the back makes you live a hundred years.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the essence and blood of people are all supported by yang qi, and when yang qi is full, energy is strong and blood is full. And the key to the yang qi of the internal organs is the back, why?

Mainly because there is a meridian in the back!

There are bladder meridians on both sides of the spine, and the human body has acupoints on the bladder meridian on the back. These acupoints are the channels for running qi and blood and connecting the internal organs. Therefore, stimulating these acupoints can stimulate the yang qi of the internal organs.

The Governor Vessel on the back is called the Sea of Yang Vessels, and it is the channel for the accumulation and movement of Yang Qi in the whole body! When the Governor Vessel is blocked, the yang qi will not be produced in the spring, and people will be deficient in yang, and then silt will cause excessive internal heat, this is a concept in traditional Chinese medicine. Normally people with excessive internal heat would easily get inflammed, sore throat, toothache, acnes, etc.

The Governor Vessel is the "sea of Yang Vein". The Governor Vessel runs along the spine and enters the collaterals in the brain. All organs are controlled by the Qi of the Governor Vessel through the acupoints on the back of the bladder meridian of Foot Taiyang. Therefore, the functions of the organs are closely related to the Governor Vessel. Opening up the Du meridian can promote the circulation of qi and blood in the whole body, so that the internal organs can be nourished, and the balance of yin and yang of the body can be ensured.


Therefore, you can moxibustion on the back more, use yang qi to expel last year's filth, rebuild the order of the body's origin, lay a solid foundation for the next year, and make moxibustion more effective with less effort!

Moxibustion on the back has at least 9 curative effects

1. Improve sleep, dizziness, headache, nausea, insufficient blood supply to the brain, dull yellow and dull facial complexion.

2. Improve frozen shoulder, shoulder and neck pain, easy stiff neck and memory loss.

3. Improve poor brain circulation, insufficient blood supply and insufficient oxygen supply.

4. Prevent swollen lymph nodes in the neck and acne.

5. Prevent the formation of melanin and precipitate long spots.

6. Prevent senile dementia and heart and brain diseases.

7. Improve sore throat.

8. Balance the internal organs, prevent cervical and lumbar vertebrae, and prevent spinal curvature.

9. Eliminate wind, cold, dampness and junk toxins in the body, and make the body curve more perfect.

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